Jun. 22nd, 2014 08:32 pm
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TRON: legacy is on and i just really don't like the way the opening implies that the idea of some sort of world inside the computer always seemed at least a tiny bit plausible to flynn. maybe it's because i've read the novelisation of TRON and he's so completely, obviously, utterly baffled by the situation in that...

(i've started to digitise it actually, but i'm still not done. i started like four years ago. this is a bit of a pattern with me. also, it's a pretty amusing statement to say that i'm digitising the TRON novelisation.)

Apr. 11th, 2013 06:29 pm
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so hey what if the reason the master control program was so atypically powerful considering the time the movie is set in was that it had essentially invented distributed computing. i mean, it did mention hacking into all these other systems, what if it was leeching raw processing power as well as information. and what if that was why tron, who was essentially a firewall after all, was such an enormous threat. a single copy running on ENCOM's own systems it might've been able to take out, but if all of those systems it was depending on to exist in the form it did suddenly became protected by their own firewalls? instant breakdown.

and then you could use that to create a variation of the TRON 2.0 storyline about digitisation becoming impossible after the MCP was destroyed and say that it wasn't because the required algorithms were lost, as it was explained in the game, but rather because there just plain wasn't enough processing power for such a feat anymore...

Apr. 9th, 2013 06:00 pm
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why isn't there more TRON fanfic set in the 1980s era. i mean, computers and computer culture and obviously also general culture were all pretty different then, it would make definitely make a difference to the sort of stories you could write. i guess a lot of the people doing the writing are so young that they didn't use a computer for the first time until the 2000s, though. i mean, having been born in 1986 and grown up using computers isn't really the norm, either. and so the closest thing we get to a backstory for those years is all the old e-mails you run across in TRON 2.0, which is of course no longer canonical as of the release of TRON: legacy. pity, it's a much more interesting story in some respects. i'm still vaguely playing with ways to fuse the two.

(also, you know what? when TRON: legacy was released, i was a bit annoyed by the way it didn't keep up the distinction between orchestral music for the real world and synthesised for the electronic world. but then i realised, hey, these worlds were actually a lot more intertwined by the year 2010 than they were in 1982! computers are everywhere now, they're part of everyday life, there actually isn't a strict boundary anymore. so in that respect it makes a ton of sense.)

Sep. 12th, 2012 10:52 pm
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i'm still so irritated by how gorgeous the visuals and soundtrack of TRON: legacy are and how absolutely shitty the plot is compared to that.


Nov. 17th, 2011 08:11 pm
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oh yeah, totally forgot the one thing that really, really bothers me about TRON: legacy. the whole concept of a user becoming permanently trapped inside a computer just doesn't make any sense. i mean, they're supposed to be basically omnipotent once they figure out what exactly they're doing. the original movie used fucking religion metaphors to bring that idea across. it makes it very difficult to accept this kind of weakness as a major plot plot.

also, was it really necessarily to reuse the name clu like that? poor original clu, memory forever tainted by... that.

might write something about the details of how my brain is mixing it up with the other sequel later.

Nov. 16th, 2011 02:07 am
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so. finally got around to watching TRON: legacy in its entirety. and the thing that bothers me, that makes it not really feel like TRON, is that it's just too dark. both visually, and i don't even know how that's possible considering these frankly gorgeous lights, and thematically. see, with the original TRON, there was this constant sense of wonder, of holy fuck there's a whole different world in here, and sure some of it is incredibly dangerous, but the real world can also be, and overall it's just a totally amazing place and worth everything. whereas TRON: legacy just leaves me feeling, hey, everything's turned into shit, you're lucky to get out here alive let alone have gained anything positive from the experience, and really you'd probably be better off if you never tried in the first place. they tried to turn it darker and edgier, i think, and it really doesn't work.

also, i really don't like the concept of the ISOs and how they're oh so special. wasn't it kind of the point of the original movie that programs already are far more complex and real than we can see from our side of the screen? isn't it amazing enough that hey, something that was created to fulfill a single purpose turns out to be a person that we just can't see the entirety of? what do we need those stupid ISOs for? :| i just don't really see their point, plot-wise. i'm pretty sure the story could've been reworked to work just as well without them.

and then the thing about programs being able to enter the real world. i'll admit, i was playing with it in a nonwritten fanfiction ages ago. but on the scale clu was planning on going about it, it just doesn't make sense. where would all that matter their bodies would be composed of come from? would their digital forms even contain the patterns required to make it fall into place? it actually does make sense in quorra's case alone because a) her real-world body was probably created from the matter that used to be part of kevin's and b) her digital form is explicitly different from regular programs' and presumably far closer to a human being's. beyond that, it doesn't feel properly thought out at all.

so yeah that's my disappointments.

on the upside, as i said, it does look really pretty even if some of it just doesn't make sense to me - why are there clouds in the grid? why fog? why do the buildings look so much like the real world? yeah, okay, because kevin programmed them that way, that explains it from a storytelling point of view, but does it work all that well? the soundtrack is great, too.

and hey, my brain is happily working on a universe where somewhat altered versions of both TRON 2.0 and TRON: legacy happened.

Dec. 14th, 2003 10:27 pm
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a little pondering. a TRON 2.0 related one. what would've happened if jet had been the host for the tron legacy code and not ma3a? would he have gone crazy the same way? or would he have had control over what it did to him, being a user and all? OR, maybe it wouldn't have worked at all? (we don't know whether there's a significant difference between the data structures of programs and of digitized users, after all.)