Jun. 21st, 2009 09:46 pm
elsewhence: (arkanoid and vaus)
i like this very much. it's kind of what they looked like in my headcanon. not exactly, but the general "feel". my idea also somewhat resembles these dresses - people tend to think of them as princess dresses, but i always felt they were the silver millenium equivalent of the present-day sailor fukus, because they're so uniform-like.

actually the two kinds are probably seperate - the armors from an older era, the fuku-like dresses from a more recent time when senshi training had become more of a formality, because no one expected there ever would be any need to apply it. the silver millenium is supposed to have been an era of peace, after all.

i told you i had a ridiculous amount of headcanon for a universe i don't actually have much of an emotional connection to. it fascinates me intellectually, i enjoy doing a bit of worldbuilding in it, but i wouldn't say i love it.