Jul. 17th, 2016 06:55 pm
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if there wasn't approximately zero overlap between people who watch steven universe and people who've watched red dwarf, i'd be surprised that nobody's drawn parallels between the way gems work and the way hard light holograms work yet. that series probably shaped a lot of my ideas of how bodies made of light would work, come to think of it

Sep. 2nd, 2007 03:55 am
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still absolute favourite scene in red dwarf I: the bit in balance of power where rimmer is going on about his and lister's supposed friendship while in the background lister is looking around the room like he's searching for whatever the hell rimmer is talking about. it's just absolutely hilarious for some reason. though i like the food dispenser bit at the beginning of future echoes, too. and for some reason the chef instructor video in balance of power is wonderfully amusing too, especially with the music...

why didn't i rewatch any of this for so long?!

Mar. 26th, 2007 12:51 pm
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i'm really pretty disappointed by the way escape from monkey island just reuses all of the curse of monkey island's music... before that each game had a whole new soundtrack.

i do like the way mêlée town looks pretty much exactly the same way as in the secret of monkey island, though.

also, the chapter title "things to do on mêlée island when you're dead" really reminds me of red dwarf for some reason.

May. 6th, 2006 10:55 pm
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bleep, continuety error. rimmer wearing his blue uniform in a place that's clearly aboard red dwarf, even though he only got it along with the hard-light drive which he only ever had aboard starbug? not possible. lister says it was in the early days, so he should've had the standard uniform, the one from series I/II. then again, maybe lister's memory's just a bit wonky, which is clearly is anyway.

and i still maintain that blue isn't actually that funny an episode, it's actually pretty sad. and not very fair towards rimmer. not denying he is a smeghead much of the time, but this makes it look like he never had any good moments, ever. like he wasn't even capable of it. and pretty much ignores that he did keep lister sane, and likely put a lot of effort into it, when he would've had a good right to just go mad himself. so making it look like missing him at all is a horrible thing = no. yeah, lister's memories were a bit screwed up and out-of-proportion and it clearly bothered him, but only that was the problem, not missing him at all. i mean heck, they spent years around each other, so rimmer suddenly and quite unexpectedly being gone is going to throw lister a bit off-track. it's only natural. whether he's missing him just because he got used to having him around or because he actually liked him doesn't matter much in this, i think.

May. 6th, 2006 08:23 pm
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rereading infinity welcomes careful drivers, the bit where lister says he failed his GCSE in technical drawing caught my eye. because considering spanners ended up going into engineering, couldn't that be the point of divergence between lister and him, similar to how not being held back a year was that between rimmer and ace? hmm.

also got hit with an idea for an alternate ending to timeslides where the explosion hits lister instead of the newly revived rimmer. even though while that might end up interesting, it's really not at all funny, more like sad and depressing and lister being hard pressed to keep his optimism up and rimmer feeling an enormous amount of guilt. that and it's really quite cliched, so unless i think of a constructive direction to go with it, i won't even try to do anything with it. not like i'm likely to to begin with.

also ended up with a bunch of slashy ideas involving ace when he somehow snuck into my dreams. uh.

also found that i write more easily if i just write the random snippets that come into my head and then try to connect them, rather then forcing myself to start at the beginning.

and oh, look, over 1000 posts. their signal-to-noise ratio hasn't really increased since i hit 900 posts. or since i got this journal, for that matter. which is to say it's around 0. story of my life.

May. 3rd, 2006 02:03 am
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wtf? frankenstein looked like she was barely a kitten in ouroboros, how could she have been pregnant already? that's a cat we're talking about, not a guinea pig! and how'd lister's dreads suddenly become that much longer, and if my eyes don't fool me thicker, between series VI and VII? and how can he wear a white shirt and keep it white though he does look quite nice in it? no one can do that! I DEMAND EXPLANATIONS.

Apr. 25th, 2006 06:18 pm
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and it just occured to me that you could take the "i think i'm better off where i am" - "but you're dead!" - "yes, and meeting you has made me appreciate it a lot more" exchange to mean that there's an afterlife in the red dwarf universe and that reviving someone as a hologram drags them back into the realm of the living. would certainly give rimmer a reason to be even more snappy and irritable than he was in life, after three million years... except if it was true, what would happen if you created a hologram of a still living person? or two holograms of the same person, as in me²? oh well, it was just a random idea.

Apr. 25th, 2006 12:13 am
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umm, okay, so how was the holoship supposed to work anyway? what was it being projected by? you can't have a hologram projecting itself, that only works in bad star trek episodes. so... what?

and what's up with rimmer's H changing every few series, anyway? is it a hologrammatic accessory or something? since they can't get rid of it, at least let them pick one of their liking? (i did like the sparkly one he had in cat's dream in parallel universe...) does that mean there could be a childish, immature hologram with a comic sans MS-looking H running around, or like, a holographic queen victoria with a lucida handwriting one?

why am i thinking about this?

oh, and i like the red uniform too. not as much as the green one, but it's still quite nice. yeah, red is my favourite colour, but he just looks better in green... the blue one is just silly though, all puffed-up and quilted and very suited to making its wearer look fat. could've worked if it kept the same cut and just changed the colour, but not like this. and, um, they could use a different kind of fabric too. they look ridiculously synthetic and probably horribly uncomfortable. if you must have the shinyness, use some kind of heavy silk. let the poor hologram have some kind of luxury, it's hard enough being dead. (though if you ask me i don't think a hologram would actually perceive their clothes, or their H for that matter, as being seperate from their body... i get the impression it'd all feel the same, which is to say not very real-seeming or even solid. might be why rimmer needed holly's help to get different clothes in series I and II... and according to my impression he only got a light bee sometime between series II and III, enabling him to change them at will. it's got to be that way, really, or how else would he have gotten the different clothes in backwards? how would he even have existed that far from any ship likely to be equipped with hologram technology? anyway, yeah. the clothes probably still wouldn't feel real or even seperate though.)

oh, and i completely forgot back to reality even existed. it just sort of dropped out of my mind. whoops?

Apr. 7th, 2006 10:07 am
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random thoughts after rewatching dimension jump:

- why the hell does ace have different hair than rimmer, anyway? other than "outside" reasons like making it easier to tell them apart, that is... aren't they supposed to have started off as the same person, which'd mean they'd have the same DNA and hence the same hair? did he get it bleached and straightened or something? silly man. and wouldn't that just be great for rimmer to make fun of.

- i can't look at ace without immediately thinking of flash gordon.

- going into the other two episodes that feature ace, i've got this theory that the main difference between original ace and rimmer-as-ace is that the latter has a sense of self-preservation.

- for some reason i imagine ace with nearly as much difficulty having a normal relationship as rimmer, though for vastly different reasons - in the former case because most people'd be more attracted to the whole hero thing than anything else about him, in the latter because he's such a smeghead that anything else is hidden very effectively. for some reason i think you could probably build some lister/ace slash on this.

- speaking of slash, if you'd prefer plain old rimmer/lister, can't you just imagine rimmer programming his light bee to make himself look like ace because he really thinks lister does want ace and hopes to have a chance that way? not even thinking that hey, maybe lister'd prefer him as his regular self? and that if he actually was attracted to ace in any way, it might not've been because he was different from normal rimmer but because in some aspects he was exactly the same? what a pity i keep on finding excuses not to write. it's the "do it right or don't do it at all" thing, i tell you. even keeps me from writing drafts for some reason. though for some reason that doesn't apply to nonfiction, possibly because you can't really get out of character there, which is my main fear...

and since this is kind of related, EDIT: red dwarf continuety errors. firstly: lister says he's 25 in future echoes, rimmer says he's given lister the best three years of his death in stasis leak, meaning three years have passed and lister should now be 28. but come backwards, he says he's 25 again. wat? secondly, in parallel universe arlene rimmer mentions that as long as you're in a parallel universe its physical laws apply to you, yet in backwards everyone continues to follow their own physical laws, i.e. doing things forwards. not just that, it's inconsistant - the barroom tidy is completely backwards, for one. double wat? and a few minor nitpicks - how can an ejector seat affect a hologram? even if you assume rimmer has a light bee by that time, the seat should go partly through him, then hit him with a much greater force since he'd weigh much less than a human being. and why can a mechanoid eat? sure, we also see him eat in the last day, but...

but there's also one thing i only understand now: i always wondered why lister and cat took blue midget to follow rimmer in bodyswap, rather than starbug 2. well, other than making it easier to tell them apart for the viewers. now i realised they must've left starbug 2 in the lake on backwards earth, since getting it out would've been a lot of effort. one mystery solved, if you ignore that i tend to assume infinity welcome careful drivers/better than life!verse and hence a whole fleet of smaller ships. then again in that case we'd have white midgets and not starbugs, so.

and somehow it really struck me how well, all things considered, lister and rimmer get along in this episode. and i'm not even thinking slash here. the time around series III must be when they had the closest thing to friendship out of all series.

Apr. 3rd, 2006 04:37 am
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umm, omg at the more detailed uniform rimmer wears during parts ofjustice. it's a bit like a cross of the white admiral's uniform from series I/II and the regular green one from III/IV. it looks really, really nice as does the man wearing it. how could i not have noticed it before?!

come to think of it, i've been wanting to get rid of my default red dwarf icon, replace it with something more useful and less ugly... hmm.

Mar. 3rd, 2006 05:19 am
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i could've edited this into the last post, but won't. deal with it.

it just occured to me a hologram would probably be visible in the dark. or should, at least. because they're made of light. that means no sneaking out of unlit rooms, or sneaking up to people in them. hmm.

Mar. 3rd, 2006 03:52 am
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okay, timeslides is an episode that really could've used a voiceover. teenage lister sounds nothing like his older self. and while i'd possibly be willing to accept the higher voice, since maybe it was still being wonky at that age with voice break and all, his accent isn't right either. sounds almost forced at times. i don't like it.

still tempted to try and find a way to slash lister with his younger self, though. slashing people with themselves is my favourite WTF. and i was about to say "and shipping them with themselves would be too, if it wasn't impossible", but then i remembered, oh wait, this is red dwarf! it's not just possible, it's canon.

oh, and i really liked rimmer's "which one of us is the rich man" speech. he seemed all... desperate. sad because the one person who'd come to know and understand him on some level had suddenly never existed, maybe. i bet you could read slash into that too, but i actually didn't, i liked it the way it is. i have to applaud mr. barrie for some great acting.

Feb. 20th, 2006 03:59 am
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i have to wonder more than ever, why the hell wasbodyswap  done the way it was? it's quite obvious chris doesn't need a voiceover to sound like lister, even just going from the bit in queeg and especially from the audiobooks of infinity welcomes careful drivers and better than life, and listening to last human craig does a pretty decent job of sounding like rimmer as well, so why? i'm willing to accept that maybe acting and imitating another's voice at the same time would be too hard, especially over the course of almost an entire episode, but the voiceovers really ruined it for me. i certainly hope they at least tried without them before deciding to do it this way.

Feb. 20th, 2006 12:50 am
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oh damn, i've got an image of lister telling someone that they can't possibly understand the way he hates rimmer because they don't know him nearly as well stuck in my head. it'd be pretty hilarious if i knew what to do with it. these two have such a damn weird relationship, whatever you want to read it as being.

Feb. 17th, 2006 09:33 pm
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i'm stupidly tempted to try and slash lister with himself. more specifically, with his teenage self from timeslides. how's that for an improbable pairing? =^o.o^=

Feb. 16th, 2006 07:00 pm
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... you know, lister could justify just about everything with "i'm only human" if he really wanted to. because being the last human he's the definition of humanity itself, and anything he is does is thus the very essence of being human. that's wonky.

though i do tend to count rimmer as "honorary" last human, in a way. i mean sure, his biological human body is dead, but that can't really have changed the fundamental structure and workings of his mind that much, can it? i mean, 31 years of living as a human vs. much fewer years of existing as a hologram? and yeah, the rimmer in my head defines himself as being a hologram too, but i can't help but see him or any other version of him as anything but human. human in a holographic body, if you really want to be that specific. he's got as much claim to being a survivor of humanity as lister does in my mind.

on a completely different note, why'd rimmer put on a different outfit in marooned? even assuming lister was wrong and he does get cold, holographic clothes wouldn't really protect his light bee, would they? is it just a visible way of representing "the light bee's temperature sensors have been set to send less obvious and irritating signals to your mind"? or did he, heaven beware, do it so lister wouldn't constantly be reminded he was less affected by the cold and feel it even more strongly himself?

Feb. 11th, 2006 10:38 am
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it just occured to me that it must be pretty frustrating for a soft-light hologram to be surrounded by, say, mosquitos... sure, they can't bite you, they can't even sit on your nose and tickle you, but you also can't get rid of them. you can't swat them because your hand goes right through them, you can't just drive them away because you also can't cause any air movements. must be annoying.

this thought brought to you by the annoying fly buzzing through my room just out of reach. FOR DAYS. ARGH.

Feb. 9th, 2006 05:22 am
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aw smeg, marooned is an upsetting episode. well, maybe not so much upsetting as... emotionally confusing. yeah, that's it. it's got forced bonding and understanding, it's got trust and then hurt and disappointment again, all mixed up. it's just like thanks for the memory. and heck, maybe the fact that these two episodes emotionally affect me so much is the reason they're my favourite episodes of their respective series.

and did anyone else get the impression rimmer guessed that lister had actually burned part of the chest straight away, but wanted to explain it away and wanted to think lister was a better man than that? wanted to feel like it was alright to like him? hmm.

Feb. 5th, 2006 10:17 am
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hey, i've figured out a good reason just why holographic food is awful. it's not just a bad holographic representation of taste acting on a bad holographic representation of tastebuds and failing to get a noticable result, as i'd reasoned before. no, the thing is that it most probably doesn't smell of anything. and you know that experiment about plugging your nose and eating an apple and finding you can't taste it? same thing exactly.

oh, and lister's questionable sandwich did affect rimmer because it was hot. capsaicin, the stuff that makes chili peppers hot. it acts on the pain receptors in your mouth. and he's quite clearly capable of feeling pain.

Feb. 3rd, 2006 11:52 pm
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yay red dwarf series III. though i don't like the first few episodes that much, and as i've mentioned before, nothing after series II was ever quite the same. but it did remind me how much i like rimmer's green outfit. it's just overall great. well, except for the fact that i once saw a vibrator that exact shade of green maybe. "switch me on, switch me off, like i'm some battery-powered sex aid" indeed. amuses me to no end.

blah, uninspired. damn. fifty sentences shouldn't take that long to write, even if they're convoluted drabble relatives.