Aug. 23rd, 2017 08:06 am
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only thing more idiotic than the decision to make cross-gender regeneration a thing is that time a couple of years ago when i found someone's whiny post about how the idea was transphobic somehow. presumably they objected to the assumption that the process of physically becoming a different sex wouldn't result in gender dysphoria, and thought that this in turn would negatively affect peoples' perceptions of trans people. the way it actually read, though, was like... so you can imagine time lords being capable of physical change to the point where they can switch sexes, but the concept that they could also switch genders at same time is inconceivable? really? you do know that gender is just a function of a physical organ, right? one that definitely is affected by regeneration, because if it wasn't, there would be no personality changes? and there would have to be some mechanism that causes sexual characteristics to generally line up properly, because if it was totally random you'd have a ton of intersex time lords and very few who were definitely male or female...

Aug. 13th, 2017 07:20 am
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come to think of it, part of the reason i liked missy was because when her identity was first confirmed, it felt like we'd gotten a female master instead of a female doctor, to spite the demands and not to further support them. well. probably just as well that we might not see her again, i doubt i'd still enjoy it.

Aug. 5th, 2017 09:16 am
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okay, but i might just still hate rose even more.

apparent correlation: i hate everything fans hype up as the best irreplacable thing ever. rose, river song, the tenth doctor, pointless genderbending...

and also danny pink. but i'm not sure there's anyone who did like him. what a waste of screentime.

Jul. 27th, 2017 08:57 am
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seven is still such a bloody INTJ, it's painful to look at. it's like no, you aren't allowed to fuck up in these specific ways, those are for my own exclusive use!

turns out that the only thing i actually need in terms of relatable characters is INTJ ones.

Jul. 26th, 2017 06:27 am
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but what do i do if this shitty casting decision does win majority approval, you ask? relabel myself "fan of pre-chibnall doctor who" and favour a timeline where the doctor never got a second regeneration cycle, presumably. it sure is convenient how doctor who still doesn't actually have a canon!

i still like missy though... but if accepting her existance means accepting the possibility of a female doctor, then sorry, she'll have to go. (also i don't lose my shit about people who simply don't want a female master and prefer to not acknowledge her existance, because there's no reason why "ability to regenerate into a new healthy body, with a side effect of some physical and mental changes" necessarily has to lead to "ability to change in any way at all", that's some slippery slope shit right there.)

pretty sure she doesn't bother me in nearly the same way, or really at all, because a) while the master is somewhat iconic in his own right it's clearly still not nearly on the same scale, b) there was no big "HEY WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A FEMALE MASTER" announcement and c) as a result of this, there was far less opportunity for people to wank about how ~*progressive*~ it was and how it was about time for this this happen already. (as i just detailed, it was *never* about time for it to happen already. the show would still be perfectly fine if we were twenty years in the future and nobody had ever regenerated into a different gender. it was never a narrative necessity.)

(meanwhile my reaction to the news of a lesbian companion, whenever precisely that was, amounted to "oh cool, hopefully that means people will stop obsessing about shipping the doctor with his companions for once". you know why? because as a newly created character, there was zero reason why she shouldn't be a lesbian. with a character who's been male for thousands of years and thirteen incarnations, it's very reasonable to assume that either he had a choice in the matter and just liked being male or that he couldn't become female instead. just as it was reasonable to assume the same thing about the master - except he's probably had even more incarnations - and as it still is reasonable to say, i don't accept this development.)

Jul. 26th, 2017 05:25 am
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according to the remembrance of the daleks novelisation, the seventh doctor is still president of gallifrey. don't remember whether that was the case in the serial, but in either case, what do time lords even do all day?? i'm beginning to think it may not have been much of a feat for romana to become president. she probably just had to walk into the right office and start doing stuff and everyone was so grateful about the prospect of a president who at least bothered to be present on the same planet that nobody questioned it...

Jul. 25th, 2017 09:47 pm
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so judging by my post history, the last doctor who-related things i got furious about were 1. kill the moon, 2. danny pink's existance (my comment when he died was "good, and now stay that way"), 3. river song's appearance in that one christmas special and 4. the point when it seemed like rose was going to be in the 50th anniversary special (thank god she wasn't, though having billie piper there in any role at all was still completely superfluous - seriously, who the hell likes rose, the only sad thing about doomsday is that she didn't literally die...). honestly, liking a fictional universe as a whole doesn't mean accepting every single aspect of it. (hah, just remember how many people complained about the quality of RTD's run when it was still going on and they were so glad to learn that moffat would take over and then once he actually did, RTD was suddenly an angel who could do no wrong! he did a ton of things wrong, he had this obnoxious character-driven over-the-top storytelling style and also he cast david tennant as the tenth doctor, what a fucking mistake)

i was also pretty mad about the whole war doctor retcon and have successfully established it in my head that eight regenerated directly into nine, so don't think i can't do that. only result of him not existing is that eleven wasn't at the end of his regeneration cycle, and considering how the impact of that was limited to one single episode, it just means that either a) twelve was the last instead and that probably played out in a fairly similar way or b) ten's partial regeneration wasn't retconned into a full one either, twelve is actually the twelfth and there's still one unknown incarnation left

Jul. 24th, 2017 08:06 pm
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you know, the way the story was wrangled into making eleven actually the thirteenth incarnation really was horribly hamfisted. being on his last regeneration was never even really mentioned until the episode in which it was resolved, and actually the only time i can think of when eleven does mention regeneration, he jokes about being able to regenerate 507 times. and at the time people really thought that might mean there was no regeneration limit anymore...

let's face it, eleven was written to actually be the eleventh incarnation right up until the day of the doctor. we know that was meant to feature the ninth doctor because there's storyboards with him and everything, the war doctor only entered the picture when eccleston declined to return, which made eleven actually the twelfth incarnation, and then moffat seized the opportunity and retconned ten's partial regeneration into counting as a complete one to make it actualyl the thirteenth one. i doubt he would've bothered with that if he hadn't smelled the opportunity to bring the "ran out out regenerations" storyline into his own tenure (which it certainly wouldn't have been part of had eleven actually been the eleventh incarnation)... and then he didn't even do much with it, it was resolved in a single episode... yeah, i'm not impressed.

i know why the war doctor is one of the developments i refuse to acknowledge.

Jul. 24th, 2017 05:45 pm
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my utter contempt towards the decision to cast a female doctor isn't fucking fake news. i don't want one, i will not watch that part of the show or acknowledge its existance, i'd rather have no show at all, because this kind of lazy genderbending is never a positive thing. is that clear enough?

also you're actually wrong, 20% of people on social media disapprove and also don't care about being called sexist by whiny impotent feminists if they voice their opinion, you don't know how many people disapprove but think it's useless to say anything and will simply silently stop watching, or are currently undecided but will give up after a couple of episodes, or disapprove but aren't on social media at all. we all know that social media sites skew young and "progressive"...

Jul. 24th, 2017 07:52 am
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hold on a minute... i'm pretty sure it's stated in one bit of doctor who's vast expanded universe that in order for a time lord to regenerate into the opposite sex, they must commit suicide... and how did we get missy

did anyone ever consider that there's more than one possible definition of "killing yourself" when it comes to time lords

(after looking up the (1) source (2) of this, on one hand this means the concept has been around since 2003, longer than expected... on the other hand, the same source also states that changing sex by means of suicide is considered the worst possible offence and apparently extremely tasteless, so is that really a precedent you want to invoke)

Jul. 21st, 2017 10:54 pm
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also man do i dislike this idea that regeneration could result in absolutely everything - if the process was essentually down to random mutations you'd expect a ton of nonviable outcomes, there must be some constraints on what's possible, and it would be very weird for those constraits to be "every single viable trait from the entire gene pool of the gallifreyan species", what would be the point of that as either an evolved trait or an engineered one...

Jul. 21st, 2017 07:16 am
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man, i got the german translation of the remembrance of the daleks novelisation yesterday and it has seven and ace referring to each other with formal pronouns. at the same time that seven still calls her ace and ace calls him professor. who did this? it's so incredibly jarring to read! i mean, the combination of first name and formal pronoun isn't completely unheard of, but it's something you might do in a professional context, with your co-workers! or possibly between teachers and students, but in the real world most people in that situation who decide to be on a first name basis also agree to switch to informal pronouns...

seriously where'd this come from? shada, city of death and the pirate planet don't have four and romana doing this. not even in situations where you might actually expect it. i mean, you could argue that four is the kind of person who would just straight out not give a fuck about that kind of distinction, but i can absolutely see early romana I stubbornly sticking to formal ones. i mean, wanting to call her romana instead of her full name was even kind of the equivalent of putting her on a first name basis, and she clearly didn't like that at first

also haha, haha there's actually people pretending that there's been references to the doctor having been female before. how desperate can you get? not like we've seen every incarnation so far on screen and they were all male and there's no room for others to have existed, amirite. he's clearly very comfortable with being male if nothing else, certainly seems like he'd just continue to stick with it if he had the choice. (though granted, regeneration's never involved much of a choice for him. maybe he just fucked up by once again refusing to go through with it. because it'd totally make for good representation to depict being female as an accident...)

Jul. 20th, 2017 05:25 pm
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"you're not really a doctor who fan if you won't watch this"

that makes about as much sense as saying that i'm not really a star trek fan because i find deep space nine dull as dishwater. it's okay to like one part and not another of a story universe

honestly though, do you seriously not see how replacing existing, popular male characters with omen instead of creating good female characters from scratch just screams "it's impossible for a woman to be successful without piggybacking off a man", why on earth would you want that

(also, why are you so angry that there's people who dislike the decision if you're this confident that it's a positive one. much more "want to believe that it can only possibly turn out well" than "actually do believe it", huh? and very obviously a touch of not even considering that people who aren't men might dislike it. so basically, you assume that all women are the same and will approve of the same things and also that you, personally, aren't sexist...)

Jul. 19th, 2017 07:30 am
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though i'm mildly intrigued by what kind of mess the german dub may come up with. "doktor" is a masculine noun, there's just no way around that. the feminine "doktorin" exists, but i don't feel like it's in common use - like, i can't imagine someone saying about a woman that "sie ist doktorin" (she's a [female] doctor), they'd more likely say "sie hat einen doktortitel" (she has a doctor's degree) or even just use the masculine form... (the duden - the most famous german dictionary - says that "doktor" is among the 10,000 most common words and "doktorin" among the 100,000 most common ones. for a comparison, "verkäufer" and "verkäuferin", the masculine and feminine forms of "salesperson", are equally common.)

(though honestly, the german dub proved itself worthless when it kept on having nine and rose refer to each other with formal, respectful pronouns for the entire time he was around. not sure if it changed with ten because i dislike him and try to avoid his episodes. nevermind that i obviously just plain dislike the dub.)

(also, not intrigued enough to pretend that there actually is a thirteenth doctor.)

Jul. 18th, 2017 06:27 pm
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man, and to add insult to injury, missy was such an excellent character and now her memory will be forever tainted by being part of the leadup to this disaster.

also being able to more easy assemble a better cosplay outfit was part of what motivated me to lose weight. i guess i'll make a regency era outfit instead. i'm more likely to find a good reason to wear that, now.

(no, fandom at large, you don't get to rationalise that i probably don't hate the casting for the precise reason that she's female. precisely that and nothing else is the reason. i will not accept any woman in the role. there is no thirteenth doctor and there won't be one for at least another year.)

Jul. 18th, 2017 03:18 am
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"it's a long established fact that time lords can regenerate into other genders!!"

and by long established, you mean... six years? that's the first time it was even vaguely mentioned, in a single blink-and-you-miss-it line. and then not at all until missy's identity was confirmed. that's nothing for a show that's been running for decades even if you don't count the time it was cancelled for. don't make excuses. you like it because you think it's progressive and that how many female characters there are in existance somehow has an impact on the situation of real women, i don't like it because it's cheap pandering to a very specific demographic, lazy writing by recolouring an established and popular male character instead of actually inventing new female ones, and in doing so spreads the idea that it's impossible for female characters to be successful without piggybacking off something people already enjoy

and i'm also pretty fucking angry at people who pretend that all women are the same and desire the same things and also that they, personally, aren't sexist

as far as i'm concerned doctor who is now on hiatus

Jul. 17th, 2017 06:41 pm
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and no i don't ~*feel bad*~ for this actress any more than i feel bad about the ghostbusters actresses. they all accepted their respective roles knowing fully well what the reactions might look like. they really consented to being exposed to this kind of thing the moment they decided to become professional actors.

(though i'm kind of impressed by how thoroughly everyone involved with the ghostbusters fiasco had deluded themselves into believing that they were just dealing with a small loud handful of ~*misogynists*~ and would definitely be able to shame them into hiding)

Jul. 17th, 2017 07:52 am
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and long story short, the only good course of events is one in which the 2018 christmas special also features a regeneration.

unless the last episode of the upcoming season does, but let's not be too optimistic.

Jul. 17th, 2017 01:19 am
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so i guess my former opinion has been refined into, proposing a version of the doctor who's always been female is cool and would probably have made a fun story (though i still cosplayed a female doctor for the sole reason "hips too large", not as some sort of ~*statement*~), deciding to introduce a female incarnation after over 50 years is shitty pandering that needs to fail as quickly as possible.

also, the sort of new viewers that will attracted by a decision like this and weren't attracted by anything else are not the sort of new viewers you want.

Jul. 16th, 2017 09:53 pm
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and predictably, lots of whining that it's ~*misogyny*~ to dislike the casting. this is why nobody takes feminism seriously anymore. and why if i ever do anything that could be perceived as feminist, i will make a point of saying that it isn't because i'm not.

but hey, my hopes that the ghostbusters ripoff would crash and burn worked, maybe that'll work again.