Jan. 11th, 2012 06:50 am
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sdasfasff how did i not find out about this before i'm buying it right now. even though i've actually got the bra thing mostly figured out by now. just because i have her book of corset patterns and it's great.

Jun. 9th, 2011 07:31 pm
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i got a pattern drafting book from 1947 in the mail today. a german one, too. i think it's actually the only german pattern drafting book i own, though i do have a trilingual german-english-french one. anyway, i like it. nice visuals on why patterns have to be shaped the way they are, something i'm always looking for. old measurement tables which surprise me with how large their sizes are - the normal sizes start at 92 cm bust for 38 N and go up to 125 cm for 52 N, women's sizes start at 99 cm for 38 F and go to 135 cm for 52 F. and this in germany only a few years after WWII! they also have larger bicep measurements than modern sizes - a modern size 42 assumes 30,4 cm, which is far too small for me, but a 40 N 36 cm, which just about matches my actual bicep measurement. my father suggested i might have to thank the trümmerfrauen for this. and they include a measurement called front bust width, which is notably larger than half the full bust and thereby makes me happy.

i also just saw that there's instructions for drafting a fez in there. clearly that makes it cool. ;)

Sep. 18th, 2010 05:54 pm
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i am posting this from inside the america memorial library, because i can. here is a reference photo. (these are a lot of books about politics, for your reference. they're not what i'm looking at, it's just where i happen to be sitting. i'm looking at, and taking picture of, the cut of women's clothes. which is not as useful as i thought i'd be - only three or four regency patterns - but oh well. 2.50€ for an interlibrary loan really isn't a lot, and i do get a bunch of eighteen century patterns.)

Dec. 19th, 2009 09:48 pm
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so, historische schnitte DOB = not really worth the money from my point of view. (barely even worth the 1.50€ i paid for the distance loan, but then again, it's my own fault for being lazy and not just going to the library that owns it myself...) i just don't see anything in there that someone who really understands pattern manipulation wouldn't be able to figure out without help, and i guess i also prefer doing it by slashing and spreading over pure construction. if for instance i wanted to change the shape of an armscye, i'd draw the new shape into the bodice pattern, cut the excess off and attach it to the sleeve cap to get the new matching sleeve, instead of measuring precisely how much i removed and trying to draft a new sleeve cap based on that. the only interesting thing in there is a section about modern underwear patterns, which i didn't even know it had, so i guess i'll make scans of that one...

and you know, german patternmaking books are generally incredibly expensive. i mean, this is a small, very specialised one that doesn't even include instructions on the basic blocks you need to start from, yet it costs far more than a much larger book like patternmaking for fashion design, which is pretty expensive in its own right. and there's far fewer different ones, too - this book is based on müller und sohn, the only other one that comes to mind is systemschnitt. i wonder why that is.

Sep. 13th, 2008 11:16 pm
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i recently finished rereading jonathan strange & mr. norrell and liked it a lot better than i remembered. of course, the fact that the first time around i tore through the bulk of it (around 800 pages) over the course of two insomniac nights probably didn't help matters...

i'm still disappointed at how relatively small a role mr. segundus played, though. the fact he didn't sign the contract and was allowed to continue calling himself a magician and that he seemed to be somewhat sensitive to magic being done suggested some importance to me, but as is, the most important things he does is pose and look into the question why there is no more magic done in england and perform the healing spell involved in breaking lady pole's enchantmant. he doesn't really show up that often during the rest of the book. which is a shame. i tend to get oddly attached to secondary characters that don't actually appear very often.

bit of headcanon: jonathan strange seems to strangely resemble the raven king, which is odd because in the unlikely case that you should see them next to each other, they'd look nothing alike. (what does this mean? don't ask me. some stories just come to life and go off on their own tangents like that.)

Jan. 15th, 2007 08:47 pm
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do you know that thing where every book seems to be far too short? i bought the wee free men today, two hours later i was done with it. hnglrh. and you may remember me mentioning that i read the bulk of jonathan strange and mr. norrell in two nights? 800 pages or so? yeah.

i told you there's a reason i list "reading very quickly" as an interest.

did you know i've always wanted to write a discworld/dirk gently crossover? because one day i got the thought that, hey, dirk's habit of not discounting things just because they're impossible might counteract the thing where people don't see death because they believe he can't be there. and that might be amusing. guess i'll never actually do it, though. i kind of considered a dirk gently/hitchhiker's guide crossover too, because dirk and ford are too damn similar characters in some ways and that could also be funny, but i'm even less serious about that idea. and i'm not much of a writer anyway, not in that i'm bad at it, but in that i don't enjoy it that much. i prefer other forms of creativity.

Jul. 16th, 2006 09:20 am
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i think i'm going to obsess over the dirk gently books for a bit. yeah, they still confuse me, but if you can accept you're not going to make sense of them and just give up on that, they're really quite enjoyable. that and i'm strangely fascinated by the sort of characters who can and do go on about things only they really understand in a way that makes them seem completely nuts to others and yet at the same time somehow manage to make these same others both believe in and and do what they say. i might even look up to them. i wonder what that says about me.