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elsewhence: (slytherin free shrugs)

i have opinions and i'm not afraid to use them

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Created on 2017-04-05 00:32:05 (#2847241), last updated 2017-04-30 (1 day ago)

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Name:kay jorin
Location:Berlin, Germany
i rant at things a lot. i also purposely misunderstand questions a lot. i utterly reject the notion that whether an opinion is valid has anything to do identity of the person who holds it. i get into things decades after their time, don't believe there's anything that can't be explained in materialistic terms, complete projects at the pace of cologne cathedral and talk to fictional people. that's a pretty good summary, really.

cypher was the only sane person in the entire matrix trilogy

(INTJ [ni te fi se] : 5w6)

Interests (41):

abandoned places, arcade games, atheism, bad 1980s pop, being chronologically confused, classic doctor who, conlanging, crafts, digimon adventure 02, dire straits, discworld, drawing, enneagram, fancy mice, fiction, headcanon, historic clothing, hitchhiker's guide, homestuck, imagination, introversion, jungian cognitive functions, languages, lucasarts adventures, lucid dreaming, naturalism, not fucking love stories, not present-day feminism, pattern drafting, pink floyd, procrastination, science fiction, sewing, steven universe, supertramp, talking to fictional characters, this interest is of course impossible, thursday next, tron, wikipedia sprees, young wizards
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