Feb. 22nd, 2016 05:15 pm
elsewhence: (slytherin free shrugs)
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op-amps are still annoying, let's develop a script inspired by circular gallifreyan instead. only took about half an hour too, though to be fair i'd already had the basic ideas knocking around my head for a bit.

i feel confident in saying it's unlike any of the already existing interpretations. it's a featural script! how many people even have any idea what a featural script is? and it's actually surprisingly easy to write because of that. if you have some knowledge of phonology, that is. read, maybe not so much. but then again, people can learn to recognise thousands of kanji, you'd probably learn to recognise each possible syllable as a whole eventually...

this one says kei shorin. closest possible phonetic spelling of "kay jorin" (it only works for a limited phonology, it would get far too cluttered otherwise). each circle is one syllable, right to left. might still have some mistakes though.