Dec. 8th, 2015 10:16 pm
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what if: a hypothetical gem language that has different speech levels for talking to social superiors, equals and inferiors (like some real human languages do, actually). and like maybe, the level used for talking to inferiors doesn't even have second person pronouns, it just always uses the name of whatever kind of gem one is talking to, because treating them as completely interchangable in that way sounds like precisely the kind of shitty thing homeworld would do...

imagine the crystal gems speaking a dialect that has over time lost all levels except the one used for equals. imagine peridot initially addressing pearl as an inferior, but actually switching to the level used for equals at the very end of back to the barn. imagine her having absolutely no idea how to address steven, because on one hand he's a weird hybrid who's doesn't fit into the established caste system at all and would therefore presumably be at the very bottom by default, but on the other she recognises his gem as some kind of quartz and that would make him her superior, so she just sort of inconclusively wavers around depending on how in control of things she feels in that precise moment. imagine, like, an underground group of renegade pearls on homeworld who always refer to each other as superiors, not because they think of themselves as inferior but because the concept of anyone addressing a pearl in a way that implies respect is pretty radical...

languages are great, okay

(do you actually still need spoiler cuts, [ profile] collectively? let me know sometime)

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I actually FINALLY just caught up a couple days ago - was meaning to tell you. So I should be good. Thanks for the cuts in the meantime!

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no problem! can't all be crazy enough to bingewatch the whole thing in like a week ;P
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