Jul. 16th, 2017

Jul. 16th, 2017 05:03 pm
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man, stop accusing people of being afraid of change as if that was something to be ashamed of. of course we've afraid of change, in the end we're still primates following the same instincts primates developed millions of years ago! the point you should be appealing to is that unlike most animals, we choose to go against our instincts! i've been doing it for three months, by eating substantially less than i would need to maintain my weight. from the point of view of my instincts, i'm purposely starving myself! from the point of view of my instincts, there's no telling whether there will ever be enough food again! if it's possible to do that without much effort, other instincts shouldn't be that different.

(and for as frustrated as i get with the lack of progress: i've already lost over 15 kg, left triple digits and returned from obese class II to obese class I. all with the motivation of "there will be more clothing to choose from". that's why fat shaming doesn't work and is therefore doubly unjustified, you never know what actually will end up motivating someone. conventional attractiveness obviously wasn't a big point for me. why would it be when i don't even understand this apparent drive to have to be in a relationship...)

Jul. 16th, 2017 06:36 pm
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look, i grew up with the whole 1990s "girl power" movement and i hated it. i hated the push for girls to enjoy and look up to awesome female characters because it just felt like i was being told that i shouldn't enjoy or look up to awesome male characters, with the implication that i could never be awesome in the precise same ways anyway. i was incredibly angry when pokémon crystal first introduced the option to play as a female character because really? i'm playing as a character whose entire world is completely different from my own and you think that their gender of all things is where my ability to suspend disbelief is bound to fail? you think my gender is such a fundamental aspect of me that it can't be overridden by anything else, that something i was born with by sheer coincidence is more important in defining who i am than anything i actually have a choice in? that's what i associate with "girls need female role models". forgive me for not being particularly enthusiastic about it.

Jul. 16th, 2017 07:40 pm
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okay, that's it, couple of years without modern doctor who. still got lots of classic to catch up on. skipping tennant worked well enough for me.

i hope the fallout is bad enough that it's only one season.

also you don't have to bother with theatre events anymore, i'm not throwing money at that. and i went to one theatre event even though it involved fucking river song, for a sense of scale.

Jul. 16th, 2017 09:53 pm
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and predictably, lots of whining that it's ~*misogyny*~ to dislike the casting. this is why nobody takes feminism seriously anymore. and why if i ever do anything that could be perceived as feminist, i will make a point of saying that it isn't because i'm not.

but hey, my hopes that the ghostbusters ripoff would crash and burn worked, maybe that'll work again.