May. 31st, 2017

May. 31st, 2017 02:55 am
elsewhence: (guide text adventure)
the extended version of the quintessential phase has the "i leapt out of a high-rise office window" bit, but they've trimmed so much of it it's not actually funny anymore. where's arthur's disappointment that no good came of ford leaping out of the window a second time? and ford claiming that jettisoning half of a pair of shoes constitutes self-sacrifice because they were his? this is very disappointing. it was one of my favourite scenes! and i doubt that they edited it for being too mean-spirited either, because later on they added the totally new joke "how can anything so delicious smell so rank?" - "you've obviously never encountered eccentrica gallumbits". (which i don't doubt that certain people would cry ~*misogyny*~ at. i basically just chortled and went "you didn't just say that" and moved on. seriously, there's bigger problems in the world.)

thing i do like: there's guide narration in the last fit that wasn't present in the radio broadcast, except it's narrated by the guide mark II instead! the story itself has been taken over! that's pretty clever.

also ford apparently thinks that elvis presley is the best singer in the known universe. which is present even in the book, this version just makes it even more explicit that it is elvis. negatively, this version also keeps the bit about ford buying london zoo and having all the animals released to the wild, which always seemed really out of place to me. considering that douglas adams also wrote last chance to see, it's pretty clearly the author talking more than anything else...

May. 31st, 2017 08:40 am
elsewhence: (guide text adventure)
so i really wonder what's up with gem designations. peridot referred to herself as "facet 2F5L, cut 5XG" in message received, but saw no need to specify what planet she was made on... and we can assume that the "facet" part alone doesn't specify that because crystal gem amethyst's designation was given as "facet 5, cut 8XM" in that will be all and peridot stated in beta that "facet 5" refers to the prime kindergarten. it doesn't sound like a designation that would be given to a single place on a single planet and not reused on other planets! if they'd just started with a "facet 1" on homeworld at some point and counted up from there across all gem-colonised planets, you'd expect them to have reached much higher numbers by the time earth came into play. and then in i am my mom aquamarine refers to peridot as simply "peridot 5XG", omitting the facet as well, as though there couldn't possibly be any other peridot cut 5XG... is it possible that certain kinds of gem can only be made on specific planets? does the loss of earth mean it's now outright impossible for homeworld to make any more amethysts, or rose quartzes, or jaspers, or carnelians? if so, that sure sounds like a sustainability problem...

(though holly blue agate did specifically state that the gems stationed at the human zoo were from earth. hmm.)