May. 24th, 2017

May. 24th, 2017 06:30 pm
elsewhence: (jawa harmless)
the ordinary serum foundation in 1.2Y: too dark for my arm, just right for my face and neck. huh. probably because i don't buy into wearing sunscreen every single day and so my face and neck still got a little sun exposure during the winter and my arms didn't, actually. actually makes me kind of glad that i don't bother with the sunscreen thing, the even lighter shades only come with neutral undertones and there's no way that would work. so what if sun exposure contributes to skin aging, if we go by the whole "look at your mother, that's how you'll look one day if you don't wear sunscreen" thing, i'll reach age fifty and still get mistaken for being younger than i really am. and she actually uses no skincare at all! don't think that whoever came up with that phrase thought that it could backfire like this.

i've only tried it on my face once as of now, but so far, i like the effect. it seems pretty good at evening out the fading old pimple marks. now if only the two scabs i still have on my chin were gone, makeup that can cover up scabs without making them look even worse is almost nonexistant. (though to be fair their continued presence is partially my own fault, i can't always stop myself from picking at them.)

haven't received my coverage foundation yet because as the page says, the demand for all their foundations was fucking overwhelming. i'm not surprised, i love these superfluid foundations, so much easier to blend in than traditional liquid foundations and you usually only need a tiny amount. and this brand already had a reputation for good low-frills products at low prices.