May. 23rd, 2017

May. 23rd, 2017 01:11 am
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i think my skin may just not like products with ceramides in them. as i said, i ran out of the meishoku ceracolla perfect gel, and my skin texture became more even. but a little while after that i started using a toner with the same featured ingredients (three ceramides + phytosphingosene + cholesterol, three forms of hyaluronic acid, collagen, also a bunch of amino acids) because these ingredients are considered so universally beneficial and i found it hard to believe that one of them could be the problem, but now i have slight uneven texture on my cheeks again...

i know it's not the hyaluronic acid because a whole bottle of hada labo gokujyun hyaluronic acid lotion (which also contains three forms of hyaluronic acid) caused no such issues, and because the reason i'm now suspicious is because i was lazy and used a minimal routine of foaming cleanser - hada labo gokujyun premium hyaluronic acid lotion (which contains five forms of hyaluronic acid) - nivea cream for the last couple of days, and my skin looks better now. the other possibilities would be that my skin doesn't like collagen (topically applied collagen only works as a humectant anyway - if i wanted to test for that, i could just test a different product with collagen but without ceramides).


May. 23rd, 2017 10:01 am
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cut most candy out of my diet, take a little time to a) figure out how many calories it would take to maintain my weight and b) look at how many calories my food contains, learn to tell the difference between "hungry" and "just not completely full", and just like that, my bust measurement has decreased by 4 cm! i'm not weighing myself just yet, but i know from past experience that on my particular body, 4 cm of bust circumference are equivalent to about 8 kg... (though honestly i don't think cutting candy actually played much of a role. it can't make a real difference whether i eat 100 kcal worth of chocolate or 100 kcal worth of, i dunno, meat. energy is energy.)

let's be real though, if you're as fat as me to begin with, it would take so many calories to maintain my weight that it's actually fairly easy to cut out enough for noticable weight loss

(also i think my body is actually pretty efficient at burning fat. consider that i once inadvertently lost 30 kg over the course of half a year just by replacing regular coke with coke zero. i don't buy the idea that all bodies burn fat in precisely the same way and that creating a particular caloric deficit will result in precisely the same amount of weight loss for everyone. you're telling me that you think every single human body has precisely the same genes for metabolising stored fat, that there's never been any random mutations to these particular genes, that there's no such thing as a body that's overzealous and ends up burning more fat than strictly required - or conversely, that there's no such thing as a body incapable of getting all the energy that went into particular amount of body fat back out? do you want me to remind you that there's a strain of fancy mice that has almost no ability to turn body fat back into usable energy, meaning that if you put them on a diet, they'd eventually die of malnutrition without losing much weight? no, we aren't mice, but we are complex biological machines.)

May. 23rd, 2017 07:12 pm
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"but what if they did cast a female doctor?" easy, i'd stop watching for a couple of years (don't think i won't, already did that with ten) and my headcanon would adjust to exclude that incarnation (don't think it wouldn't, already did that with the war doctor). there's still so much of the classic series that i haven't watched, too...

for fuck's sake, you don't need to forcibly shove women into anything and everything to achieve ~*equality*~