May. 18th, 2017

May. 18th, 2017 02:31 am
elsewhence: (invent the universe)

i tried a thing with drafting bodice patterns, because you know i'm obsessed with understanding why sewing patterns look the way they do. plus a scaled-up version of the final pattern, ready for testing. it actually looks almost exactly like one i made years ago, but now i know why! progress! plus i know that it's impossible to make patterns for things like bras or corsets from that pattern and have them fit without alterations, and what you'd have to use instead. namely, the second bodice front in this row (the very first sheet is a bodice back, it doesn't change between the different versions, though i'd move the darts a bit for actual garments). or the first, if you want distinct cups. no point in getting rid of distinct cups only to add them right back...

i now feel like i have to apologise to pia of even though i've never actually interacted with her in any way, because at one point i looked at her moulage pattern and thought that the shape of the bust circle couldn't possibly be right. no, it's exactly right, it can't be a perfect circle in that particular kind of pattern. and man, i've generally learned so much from her experiments in patternmaking. i'm very glad she's shared all of that online. i'd totally buy her a virtual cup of coffee or something if i could.

May. 18th, 2017 05:14 am
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what the fuck why would you invite me to a job interview on a specific date (two days in the future) and at a specific time (early) without even contacting me to check whether that time and place work for me?? what if i already have a different job interview at that time? or a doctor's appointment? or i'm a single mother and have to drop my hypothetical kid off somewhere first? unemployed people do in fact have lives outside sitting around and despairing about unemployment!

nevermind that i'm not even actively looking for work (i don't buy into the concept that if you become unemployed, you must do everything within your power to get another job as soon as possible, even if you actually have enough money saved up to be comfortable for a while). they just picked my contact information from the employment agency's database (the employment agency which actually has no power over me right now, since i'm not receiving unemployment benefits). and they didn't even write what kind of position they're looking to fill. the last few times i got letters like that, they did specify, but they were all for positions i was not actually qualified for. no, i'm not an electrical installation technician, no, i'm not a mechatronics technician, no, i'm not a car mechanic (???)... and after looking this company up on the internet, i'm totally unsurprised to find that my qualifications have nothing to do with anything they're looking for. not that i'd be particularly interested in working for a company that can't even grasp that not all professions that deal with electricity are the same and that they're definitely not interchangable.

also nevermind that the letter doesn't even include an email address. what kind of weird parallel reality do you live in? okay, i'm just going to not show up without any warning then. that's about as considerate as they have been.