Apr. 17th, 2017

Apr. 17th, 2017 06:10 am
elsewhence: (arkanoid and vaus)
thimbleweed park difficult mode: also took about eight hours, but there were two puzzles i wasn't able to solve on my own. and it's entirely because of poor game design - one was because of an item located in a place where it was nearly impossible to notice, the other because one character suddenly had an ability that everything before that point had established they lacked...

on the whole though, great game! lovely homage to the really early lucasfilm games adventures. well worth the low price.

(haha, and now i'm reminded of that one delusional dude who claimed that it was ~*misogyny*~ to say that classic adventure games died when lucasarts and sierra stopped making them, and that they didn't come back until telltale games. because according to him, their audience actually just changed from men to young girls, and because of that they weren't considered real video games anymore. i've got news for you, bitch, i was a young girl when these last classic adventure games were being released, and i wouldn't have touched anything that came afterwards with a ten-foot pole. adventure games as a genre were already one of the most popular with women to begin with! take your your "waaah gamers and the gaming industry as a whole hate women and now they need to reward me for standing up for them so bravely by having sex with me" narrative and go stick it up your cunt.)

Apr. 17th, 2017 09:35 am
elsewhence: (guide text adventure)
man, i actually solved this game pretty quickly though, considering how much time i spent on just the first chapter of the curse of monkey island way back then, or on grim fandango as a whole. then again i was 10 when i first played the former and 12 for the latter and now i'm 30. and also it's really easy to get lost in rubacava, that would really have benefitted from a map. (at least it was gorgeous to look at. the rendering quality of the backgrounds was really amazing back in 1998.)