Feb. 6th, 2017

Feb. 6th, 2017 04:00 am
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actually, since i've already successfully gotten out of three weeks of utterly wasting my time (though in my defense, two of these were actually spent working on far more important things), let's skip the fourth one as well! it's not like i get paid for being there, or get much of anything out of it at all. much better use of my time to spend the week before the final practical exams relaxing. and with the utter communications breakdown that seems to have taken place, i probably won't even need to actually get a sick note.

(i probably wouldn't even need to call, i can't think of any real consequences that could result from not doing so, but it would be rude.)

Feb. 6th, 2017 05:59 am
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really, the problem is that it's incredibly unproductive to, say, use the word "transphobia" for both "unconscious biases towards trans people that result from being raised in a society where their existance isn't even accepted - let alone considered normal and unremarkable - by everyone" and "active hatred and fear of, and discrimination against, trans people". in this situation, it's totally understandable that if you call someone who harbours no conscious ill will towards trans people transphobic, they'll assume you're accusing them of the latter definition, become defensive, lash out and refuse to even consider that the former definition may be a valid point. and possibly also, decide that since - it appears to them - they'll always be the devil incarnate to you anyway, nothing else you say is worth listening to. even if you actually meant the first definition. you're not going to convince people to reexamine the way they think like that! you need more precise terminology first!

and if your response to that "who the fuck cares about peoples' feelings when trans people are dying because of these prejudices", you've already lost. because the answer is very simple: they care about their feelings, and will take whatever measures are necessary to protect them. which in this case includes "not listening to you".

Feb. 6th, 2017 05:54 pm
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okay i officially just bought the best kids' book ever. it's about a mouse who want to go to the moon to prove that it isn't made of cheese, and it has many adorable and realistic illustrations. what is not amazing about that. (well, okay, my copy is a german one. googled it, found there was an english version, figured i might as well link to the summary people will actually understand.)

(just a little amused by the fact that they recommend it for grade level preschool - 3. i would've gotten pretty bored with a book with this little text when i was in third grade! i guess i learned to read a fair bit earlier than most people, though.)

(the book store i got it from is great, too. mainly a great story, that is. when they first opened, their business model was "we've got a shop, we have bookshelves, we don't have anything else - like, you know, books - so please consider lending us 50€ in exchange for a 50€ gift certificate, so we can buy books and you can pick some of them". and it worked. they crowdfunded a book store before the term crowdfunding was even invented. amazing.)