Feb. 1st, 2017

Feb. 1st, 2017 09:43 pm
elsewhence: (common eye spider)
"waaah our society hates children, people never used to complain about playing children being noisy"

children also used to play outdoors far more, where they're much less likely to bother anyone in the first place, instead of being cooped indoors all day due to parents being scared they'll be kidnapped and raped and murdered the moment they leave said parents' sight! never letting children have any kind of freedom or independence may not be a matter of actively hating them, but it's sure as hell not acting in their best interest. and then you'll probably act all surprised when they become adults and show themselves incapable of making decisions on their own, weighing costs and benefits or realistically judging risks...

Feb. 1st, 2017 10:53 pm
elsewhence: (slytherin free shrugs)
only took you two weeks to realise that half the shit you've been working on is not actually shit any of the tasks we were given ask for! all because "well that's what the documentation on all of our other projects looked like"! am i the only one who actually read all of the damn things??

(P is the worst offender. saw the circuit board and the components that go with it, brightly declared that the exam was basically painting by numbers and would be a breeze to get through, jumped right into working on the written tasks without even taking the sheets they're written on out of the plastic sleeve, then one and a half weeks into what was originally supposed to be two weeks realised that his circuit board didn't actually work and that maybe half of the documentation he'd prepared had anything to do with the one he was supposed to prepare. how did someone like this make it through three and a half years of apprenticeship?)