Jan. 14th, 2017

Jan. 14th, 2017 02:47 am
elsewhence: (arkanoid and vaus)
come on, if you're just going to portray peridot as comic relief and/or ship fodder all the time, don't bother showing her at all. it does her character such a fucking disservice. she'd developed so much from catch and release to ca. gem drill, and grown to be able care about things for their own sake and to be able to stand up for them even when she was scared to hell, and then we got fucking barn mates and it all came tumbling down. nevermind the way we just went straight from lapis grudgingly acknowledging that maybe peridot genuinely was sorry at the end of barn mates, to them being best buddies in beta, and how it makes zero narrative sense.

(i remember when people assumed barn mates was going to be a peridot and garnet episode simply because we were expecting one of these to continue the theme after back to the barn and too far and it was the one leaked episode title that seemed to fit the bill. if only it had been. if only there had been any peridot and garnet interaction after log date 7 15 2. why didn't people end up shipping them? they actually have a cute and interesting dynamic that also has the advantage of not having come out of fucking nowhere. seriously, their relationship, however you choose to view it, was developed more in one episode than the big popular peridot ships were since their respective beginnings. i guess the way i personally feel about relationships and what they should be built on shows in that. like, rebecca sugar has been quoted as calling the way ruby and sapphire first fused "an outrageously romantic gesture", and i'm left going "?? ???? ???", because how the hell can a situation between two people who barely even know each other be any kind of romantic...)