Jul. 4th, 2017 12:49 pm
elsewhence: (guide text adventure)
[personal profile] elsewhence

so, how about that circular gallifreyan-inspired writing system i invented because i didn't feel like learning about op-amps. what if i played with it some more? what if i first developed a way to somewhat easily draw it on the computer (can't really call it writing yet) and then modified it? i think i've probably already made enough changes that you can't completely decipher it using the original notes...

i'd really love to make a font of it eventually, but haha, that would be such a mess of combining symbols. probably possible, but worth it?

i'm honestly really proud of the whole thing. it's not very practical, but definitely aesthetically pleasing, and also actually has interesting mechanics and isn't just a shitty cipher for the english alphabet
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